diArco origins

Brothers Rudolf and Konrad Adler founded their gravel quarry in Edling in 1956: The Adler Brothers KG.

The company’s first concrete factory was set up in 1969 and a large mixing tower added when sons Peter und Rudolf Adler Jr. joined operations in 1983. Gravel and concrete production remain the company’s core business.

The company launched diArco Modular Vaulted Ceilings following initial tests in 1999 and construction of a model home with office space and a classic four-column showroom. Initial interest and order volume led to construction of dedicated production facilities in the summer of the following year.

Since our first trade fair appearance at the BAU 2001 in Munich, diArco’s patented vaulted ceiling concept and products have been exceptionally well-received by architects, designers, and owner-builders. And the evolution of our product line, initially designed for masonry spaces, has led to the use of new, lighter materials which can also be used in frame-wall structures. Our broad, and growing, product palette means that one or more diArco solutions is bound to match your concept and room. Our planners will be pleased to develop a proposal, including 3-D drawings, to fit your requirements.

How to find us:

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Gebr. Adler KG
diArco Gewölbesysteme
Albachinger Straße 20
83533 Edling, GERMANY
Tel: +49 8071 9235 0
Fax: +49 8071 9235 23
E-Mail: info@diArco.de
Internet: www.diArco.de

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