Pre-cast Vaulted Ceilings for Masonry and Drywall Spaces

Vaulted spaces are all around us. We find them in nature and in uncountable historical structures. Their appeal is timeless, irresistable.

diArco Systems offers pre-cast barrel and cross-shaped vault models using materials chosen specifically to meet the demands of masonry and stud wall structures. Our modular elements give architects and contractors the ability to create vaulted spaces at surprisingly affordable prices. Using your scaled concept drawings, diArco can develop a proposal from our model palette, or design custom vaults to suit your individual taste.

The timeless shape of vaulted ceilings holds its own quite well in combination with contemporary architecture and interior design. Its structure and presence complement open and glass-filled spaces exceptionally well, creating new possibilities in the juxtaposition of traditional and modern design.

The ambience of modern vaulted ceilings can bring a special touch to any renovation or building project: from private homes to hotels, fine restaurants and vinyards... wherever quality of living counts.

Private Homes: living areas, kitchen and dining areas, wine cellars and covered patios
Commercial properties and Vinyards: representative offices, shops, marketplaces, tasting rooms, aging rooms as well as stockrooms for bottled wines
Restaurants and Hotels: entry halls, dining areas, bars, spa and fitness rooms

Modernizing with our precast ceilings is a simple way to dramatically enhance the ambience of existing rooms. A three-dimensional ceiling provides a matchless atmosphere. And this unique impression can be further accented using supporting columns of virgin stone and tasteful a combination of natural and artificial light.

Choice of Materials and Installation

All diArco vaulted ceiling models are manufactured using size and material options specifically matched to your project. Our fiber-reinforced concrete product is designed for masonry buildings. For drywall applications we also offer gypsum, synthetic gypsum, fiberglass-reinforced concrete, or ceramic depending on your individual rigidity and water-resistance needs.

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