The not-for-profit Aktionskreis Edling Kultur und Heimat promotes cultural activities as well as local traditions. Many of its activities take place at a re-natured gravel pit cum amphitheater. Affectionately named the "Stoa", the site actually includes a stoa or meeting place with a column-supported portico featuring a diArco Vaulted Ceiling. The name Stoa, however, pre-dates the portico (and diArco GmbH), and in the bavarian dialect means "the stone", in honor of the huge boulder which dominates the site. Unearthed during quarry operations in 1989, it found its way from Tyrolian Kramsach to Edling during the last ice age.

The dining- and public-room at the vacation farm "beim kiasn" in Halfing near Rosenheim features a diArco vaulted ceiling.

Under the Influence of diArco Vaulted Ceilings

Wine-tasting and sales

www.weingut-keth.de in Offstein near Mannheim
www.krieger-wein.de also near Mannheim
www.weingut-graeff-schmitt.de near Bingen
www.spiess-wein.de north of Worms


Fine dining

www.weingut-boehm.de southwest of Mainz

How to find us:

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Gebr. Adler KG
diArco Gewölbesysteme
Albachinger Straße 20
83533 Edling, GERMANY
Tel: +49 8071 9235 0
Fax: +49 8071 9235 23
E-Mail: info@diArco.de
Internet: www.diArco.de

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